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Normandy: Breakfast on the Beach, and Courseulles-sur-Mer

Waking up in a parking lot – even a nice one – is a strange way to start a day. We had managed to sleep pretty well however, mostly because the drive had totally tuckered us out. I had arranged … Continue reading

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Visiting the Western Front: Arras and Ypres

Two weeks ago Svenja and I borrowed her mom’s camping van and headed off for an overnight trip. Being the history nerds that we are, we decided on a quick trip out to Arras in France and Ypres in Belgium, … Continue reading

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Vimy Ridge, 10 November 2013

This post is somewhat late; for that, I apologize (an aside: why do I feel verantwortlich to a largely imagined group of readers?). I’ve not written anything for awhile – working two jobs will do that to a person, sapping … Continue reading

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Westward, to France.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written, and I wouldn’t have you thinking that I’ve been idle here in Germany since returning after Christmas. Quite the opposite – I’ve actually been quite busy, traveling about, and have hardly found time … Continue reading

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On Remembrance

First, a caveat: What follows is a lengthy and rambling thought piece on what Remembrance Day means to me, with specific reference to the impact of my current location and context on that. For most people this will likely be … Continue reading

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Off to Bruges

This last Friday Beth (Wales), Whitney (US), and I (CAD, obvs.) rented a car to drive to Bruges in Belgium. Joining us were Whitney’s guests from New Mexico, Chris and Patty. I’m not sure what we had expected, but when … Continue reading

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