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What’s Munich Without the Oktoberfest?

Sometime in May I was asked to go with my guy friends here in Trier to Oktoberfest. It seemed like everyone was going, even C. from Mainz and J. from England, so I quickly agreed even though I still wasn’t … Continue reading

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Kloster Andechs: Beer, Schweinshaxe, and a Bavarian Monastery

Travellers finding themselves tiring of Munich’s metropolitan hubbub would do well to consider a day-trip out to the scenic Andech Monastery of Kloster Andechs. From Munich itself you can travel with the local train service to the town of Herrsching, … Continue reading

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Ach, Du Mal Wieder?!

Ach, you again?! I’ve not posted for a month, mea culpa, mea culpa, I take full responsibility. Though I think I have good reason: during the month of May I’ve been underway on hikes throughout the Trier region, a week-long … Continue reading

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Auf dem Was’n

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt going into the 167th Canstatter Volksfest, or “Wasen”. I had heard so much about it, how it was like Oktoberfest only smaller, less jammed with tourists and rowdiness. With everyone talking it up, … Continue reading

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