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On German Breakfasts

“Breakfast like an emperor, Lunch like a king, But in the evening, eat like a beggar.” In all of his (rather splendid) writing on Germany, I can’t recall any mention by Mark Twain on German breakfasts. I suppose that’s not … Continue reading

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Veronika, der Lenz ist da!

It would seem that with the beginning of March that spring, that gleichzeitig glorious and finicky time of year, has finally called in here in Trier. Last week several of us assistants capitalized on the first sunny day of the … Continue reading

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Christmas in Trier

We assistants have been taking full advantage of the Christmas-fever that has descended on Trier in the recent weeks. We’ve spent our time at the Weihnachtsmarkt, had ourselves some Gl├╝hwein, and even had our Language Assistant Christmas Party this past … Continue reading

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Random Castle Series Vol. III: Thanksgiving and a Trip to Bernkastel-Kues

Here I sit, with a four day weekend ahead of me. The life of a language assistant in Germany, you will understand, is a difficult one. I won’t have you thinking though that I’ve been wasting my time. No, I … Continue reading

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Of Pigs and Sunshine

Things have been fairly quiet since returning from Baden-W├╝rttemberg last week. I took over a total of three classes this last week as substitute teacher, and all went wonderfully – I even taught the one Year 7 class to sing … Continue reading

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One Month Down

So it’s been one month since I left British Columbia to return to Trier. (Pictures after the jump)

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8. September 2012

(Achtung! Bitte beachten Sie, here follows what will either be an exceedingly boring, or an exceedingly interesting, account of my everyday movements in Trier. You’ve been warned) Today was an exceedingly warm Saturday, but I know from last time that … Continue reading

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