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First of May – Erster Mai

Spring has long since arrived in Germany, a fact I was all too aware of the last few weeks as I was bombarded with the worst allergies I’ve had in years. Thankfully that’s all cleared up now, as today is … Continue reading

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What’s Munich Without the Oktoberfest?

Sometime in May I was asked to go with my guy friends here in Trier to Oktoberfest. It seemed like everyone was going, even C. from Mainz and J. from England, so I quickly agreed even though I still wasn’t … Continue reading

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Vimy Ridge, 10 November 2013

This post is somewhat late; for that, I apologize (an aside: why do I feel verantwortlich to a largely imagined group of readers?). I’ve not written anything for awhile – working two jobs will do that to a person, sapping … Continue reading

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On Remembrance

Originally posted on Tylor in Trier:
The Vimy Ridge Memorial, shrouded in fog First, a caveat: What follows is a lengthy and rambling thought piece on what Remembrance Day means to me, with specific reference to the impact of my…

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My 5 Pieces of Advice on Being a Wedding M.C.

I was thrilled when my friends Andrew and Ash first asked me to be a groomsman in their wedding party, and I was even more honoured when they asked me at Christmas if I would consider being their Master of … Continue reading

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Prague? Meh.

It was the end of our epic Easter Holidays trip a few months ago that Whitney, Beth, and I found ourselves in Prague. Earlier that day a Welsh football (soccer) team had arrived at our hostel, and it was clear … Continue reading

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The Atrocious German Pillow

Mark Twain took great issue with the German language; I, on the other hand, have my major beefs with two things: German supermarkets, and the atrocious German pillow. I’ve ranted before about German supermarkets, so let’s get to the pillows. … Continue reading

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