Kloster Andechs: Beer, Schweinshaxe, and a Bavarian Monastery


Travellers finding themselves tiring of Munich’s metropolitan hubbub would do well to consider a day-trip out to the scenic Andech Monastery of Kloster Andechs.

From Munich itself you can travel with the local train service to the town of Herrsching, a journey of not great consequence (read: I don’t remember how long the journey takes). Buses run from the Bahnhof to the Kloster’s lower parking lot, but more adventurous guests should consider ambling out through the village by foot. Along the way you can catch a glimpse of some of that gorgeous Landschaft so typical of Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria): rolling green hills, yellow fields of rapeseed, and that breathtaking blue sky. From the ridge you can even see the Amersee – Lake Amer – in the distance.

Well, you can kinda see it.

Well, you can kinda see it.

Adventurers that we were, we opted to tramp out by foot. It certainly felt like the right thing to do, even if my travelling chum Patrick had a game foot. Generally our rule of travelling seems to be that one should always travel in the style of Mark Twain: ramble along by foot when pleasant, seek alternative transportation when not, and at all times do your best to make erudite cultural commentary. Tja, the former two are much easier than the latter.

But why head to Andech? You’re sick of churches, are you? I understand how you feel. Europe can get a bit much, and one can only see so many churches and memorials to old dead white guys. Kloster Andechs has some more, however: Schweinshaxe and beer! Absolutely famous. It’s said the monks brew the beer themselves, and that the pigs are fed on spent mash and hops. Still, they don’t want you having too much fun!

The interior of the Monastery's Beer Hall

The interior of the Monastery’s Beer Hall

Basically, be careful not to have too much fun

Basically, be careful not to have too much fun

Patrick approves!

Patrick approves!




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3 Responses to Kloster Andechs: Beer, Schweinshaxe, and a Bavarian Monastery

  1. You can never visit too many churches. You might miss the best one?

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