It’s a Nice Day for a (Not) Red Wedding


Returning from Kelowna, we headed straight to Victoria, stopping only to kick Andrew out of the car in Vancouver. It was a long day of driving for me, and I was glad when everyone was dropped off and I could relax with some nachos (cheddar cheese!) with chum Patrick at the new restaurant out at the Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria – absolut traumhaft.

The relaxation didn’t last long however. The next few days brought a whirlwind of preparations for the wedding, and the duty fell to me to pick up some of the bridesmaids as they arrived in Victoria. The night before the wedding we managed to have a delightful BBQ at the Windsor Park Pavilion in beautiful Oak Bay, and the evening culminated in a massive game of touch football. About halfway through the game I realized that my team was actually playing rugby, but then what do you expect when you bring together his (largely) English family and hers from Michigan?

The wedding was beautiful, from the venue through the ceremony and on to everyone present. Before the ceremony itself we did the photos at Island View Beach up in Saanich, and were ferried around in a big yellow school bus – very practical! At the beach I introduced everyone to a German celebratory tradition: Klopfer!


As I said in my last post, I was greatly honoured to be asked by the couple to be in their wedding. People came from all over Vancouver Island, from Ontario and Texas, and even from England. I didn’t even win for being the person who came the furthest: the Best Man travelled from Kuwait! The event brought together so many of our university friends, now spread out all around the world. Even those in the wedding party who didn’t go to university with us quickly fell in, and we became good friends within the span of a few short days, something which I think speaks to the quality of the couple in question.

A note on this post’s title: it’s a reference of course to the catastrophic Red Wedding of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, made more famous by the television series Game of Thrones. The episode with the Red Wedding had aired only a few weeks before, and a friend of mine kept texting me all day asking if it was a red wedding, and if there was a gallery up above the wedding. Well, as you can see from the photo above of the venue, there definitely was! Thankfully though we all made it through okay.


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British Columbian 20-something spending a(nother) year in Trier, Germany.
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  1. And you were a fabulous emcee.

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