To Luxemburg with ye

After celebrating Hallowe’en last Wednesday here in Trier we woke up earlyish and made an attempt towards visiting Luxemburg. We’d planned to take a 9.52 train, but having failed to consider the holiday bus timetables (it being All Saints’ Day in good old Germany), we ended up with an hour’s Verspätung. Na ja, easily dealt with. We also welcomed Patty and Chris, Whitney’s two guests from New Mexico, into our fold. They had intended to leave us some time ago, but an unfortunately delayed package put them in traveller’s limbo. We’ve been glad to have them around though!

For 8,40€ you can get the Luxemburg Special ticket, allowing you day travel to and back from Luxemburg City. This is an okay deal, as from our location here in Trier, Luxemburg is really only worth a day trip.

It was raining. Patty was cold.

Every time I’ve gone to Luxemburg its either poured with rain or snowed. Sure enough I wasn’t let down this time. The crummy weather only exaggerates the feeling you get that this is an empty city, eerily devoid of life for a European and EU capital. Few people live in Luxemburg, somewhere around 500,000. Most chose to avoid Luxemburg’s high cost of living and income taxes by living in nearby German or French towns (like Trier!) and commuting in to the city to work.

Still, despite its emptiness, the city possesses a charm or a grace, a grandeur I’ve not seen in other European cities.

We lunched at a mediocre “Mexican” restaurant (we had New Mexicans Patty and Chris, as well as standard Whintey, to elaborate) more to get out of the rain than to eat. The servers wore embarrassing cowboy outfits that might have been cute at home; here however they just looked out of place and demeaning.

Our brave companie (our left to right): Chris, Patty (hidden behind Chris), Hillary, Whitney, Marianne, Annabel, Gunjan, and Emma

After lunch we bumbled around the city for awhile, trying to find the cool old bit with the city wall and casements. We finally found them after passing by the same creepy statue a few times, and countless postcards of the Royal Wedding. Luxemburg is one of the only – if not THE only – Grand Duchy remaining in Europe. Its royal family recently wed it’s heir-apparent to some girl. Photos of the modestly happy, average looking couple could be seen all over the city. I’m sure they’re very nice people.

“Why do we keep seeing postcards of random people?”
“I think that’s their royal family.”
Everyone collectively: “Ooohhh! That makes sense.”

Our brave companions at the Grand Ducal Palace


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British Columbian 20-something spending a(nother) year in Trier, Germany.
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