Tla’Amin Field School Article

Earlier this summer I took part in a field school near my home town of Powell River. The course was a partnership between the Tla’Amin First Nation at Sliammon, the University of Saskatchewan, and Simon Fraser University. SFU and Sliammon have been doing archaeology field schools together since 2007, and just this last year USask ethnohistorians have joined up to add their own particular skills to the relationships.
Randy Shore with the Vancouver Sun recently published an article tangentially related to the field school. The article can be found here.

It was an honour to work with the Tla’Amin and take part in the field school. I grew up in and around Powell River and Desolation Sound, right in Tla’Amin traditional territory. The field school became an exercise in “unsettling” myself and (re-)learning how I think about my own home.

Funny, though, when the article mentions Drew and Erik Blaney’s trip with the SFU Archeologists to Harwood/Ahgykson, the author fails to mention the poor white guy (me) minding the boat in the pouring rain for almost two hours. Makes me feel a little bit like Tenzing Norgay, but ach ja, I suppose it’s only fair!

Main difference: Tenzing was better dressed for the elements


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