My School

Part of my school: Klosterbau

Part of my contract with the Kulturministerkonferenz Deutschlands prevents me from writing about the goings-on in my school without permission, but I will say that I enjoy my school quite a bit. I’m at a Gymnasium, which is a sort-of academically-oriented secondary school in theory. In practice however it’s all the regular students lumped in together instead of the übermenschen that the German state expects to enroll in Gymnasium, because no one wants the social stigma of having been to a Realschule or a Berufsschule(schools with a more vocational-oriented curriculum).My Gymnasium has students from the 5th Year until the 13th Year, with English being pretty standard as a taught language, usually the first – if only we could do the same thing in Canada with French, or with more regionally specific languages. English-teaching here is at such a level that 6th or 7th Year students here are speaking at the same level that I was in French in grade 11 after learning the language for five or six years, and by the 11th and 12th classes the students are discussing sociology and Shakespeare at levels that our grade 12s could only dream. Pretty remarkable, at least in my opinion.I have a variety of tasks in different classes: in some I take on entire lessons, while in others I take out small groups of students for discussions and debates, and in some I take on the honoured position of living-dictionary. Actually teaching is one of my favourite parts, especially when I can get the students interacting. Usually the younger ones are more fun to teach as they haven’t had their creativity and their will to answer and ask questions beaten out of them by the education system (not that we’re blameless – we do the same thing). They also can’t say my name, so it’s always “Taylor! Taylor!” especially when they see me in the street – they run over to give me knucks or handshakes.I’ve gotta say though, I’m getting a bit tired of answering the question, “Is it dangerous in Canada because of the bears?”

View of the Dom from the Neubau, the other campus of my school

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British Columbian 20-something spending a(nother) year in Trier, Germany.
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