7 Sept

“Slept for 14 hours last night. Thomas woke me up because he had to go to school at noon. Visited with friends of his last night for tea, and I was quite beat afterwards. One was a girl from Toronto: it was already weird to hear a young Canadian’s accent!

So far the Dutch have been a rather interesting set of people; not only is their language ridiculous, but they all also look slightly off, with a certain sense of Eurotrash Fashion and a strange desire to be inordinately tanned, regardless of how orange they appear or how much their skin resembles my favourite pair of oxford wingtips. Almost all stores are closed on Sundays as well, although Thomas assures me that the same is also true in Germany.

Funny how all the internationals I’ve met so far in Arnhem dislike the Dutch!

It keeps reoccuring to me that I’m in Europe, and that I’ll be living here for 8 more months! Quite exciting.

Student accomodation is interesting here, and slightly less social than the Canadian equivalent: for instance, though they were home, none of Thomas’ roommates wanted to meet me. As well, at the friends’ apartment the roommate didn’t come out to see who was visiting. Thomas’ apartment: Two floors of rooms, with four bedrooms upper and 2 lower, with a galley-style kitchen and seperated bathrooms (toilet in one, shower in the other). No oven in the kitchen, but there is a washer and a microwave. Everyone seems to keep more or less to themselves in their rooms, with little social interaction.”

Street near Thomas’, in Arnhem.

Destroyed after 14 hours of sleep.

About supertylor

British Columbian 20-something spending a(nother) year in Trier, Germany.
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